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11 Reasons to Buy Local all year long

We started this project in March 2020 to help small businesses. As a nonprofit, we are working with economic development departments in a few states focused on economic recovery for local companies near and dear to my heart.

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Digital Display Faucets

Digital Display Faucets Digital Display Video Marketing – Washrooms of the Future! Patented Digital display faucets give venues and brands, unparalleled access to consumers in high impact environments. High Profile Placed in prominent public space that captures close to 100% consumer attention – captive and focused audience. Net Worked Each Digital display faucet is connected…

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Safe From Spread

Safe From Spread Featured New Member of the Davis Chamber Floor to Ceiling Sanitization Keep Your Environment Safe From Spread Everyone has a right to a healthy work environment. Each year, millions of sick days cost American businesses billions of dollars. The physical, emotional, and economic costs of an unhealthy work environment can literally destroy…